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The Worlds Smallest Book

Two brothers from Canada have come up with a novel idea - a book so small you need an electron microscope to read it.
The world's smallest book is a reproduction of a 30-page tale that fits on the width of a human hair. The book's exact measurements are 70 micrometers by 100 micrometers. The pages are too small to be read even using a microscope.
It was written in the late 20th century by Malcolm Douglas Chaplin and published by his brother, Robert, at the Simon Fraser University, in British. And they revisited the idea, and decided that would use the text to design and publish the world's smallest book.
The book is printed pure with crystalline silicon and cost a staggering $15,000 (around £9,250) to create.
Source:-  daily mail



17-09-2014 11:05 AM